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From the President:

This is the time of year we always put our thoughts towards "BE KIND TO ANIMALS" week and the entire month of May. We make a conscious effort to make sure all of our pet's immunizations are currant and we inspect their bedding and environment for parasites and unwanted guests. This is also a great time to thing about spaying and neutering those Christmas pets for your children and grandkids.

We need to think about the temperature and weather shifts we have had this past year. We need to think about shade trees and getting those pets out of direct sunlight during the day. We also need to think about checking your pets water dishes more than once a day to ensure they have fresh, cool water and clean food available to them at all times. Have you thought about having more than one watering stations in case one gets knocked over during the day? Just think about how good a cool glass of water tastes after you have been out during a hot, sweaty day, and how your pet might just enjoy the some.

We have enjoyed our relationship with Graced Kennels these past 34 years and still have a few dogs and cats, puppies, and kittens available for adoption there. They offer reasonable pricing on boarding and grooming and are more than willing to go the extra step in helping your boarding needs.

We are now as always in need of new sources of income. Our obedience school we held at the Julian Smith Casino with the wonderful assistance of the Richmond County Recreation Department has finally closed after only 64 years. This fundraiser was our only source of income almost from the start of our Augusta Humane Society in 1955. We could write volumes about the stories and angels who helped us with this project through both good and bad days.

We have had quite a few memorials to our "Let's not forget Delores Fund". This fund was established to commemorate the Life that Delores Robinson gave to our Humane Society. It seemed as if every waking moment, Delores would focus on how to help work and keep our Augusta Humane Society vibrant.

Just as in our last posting, We need to constantly remind you of our need for funding. This area has been flooded with different groups pretending to care for the animals in our area. Almost daily I hear of another "Rescue" group in our area soliciting funds from our community. We have served the Augusta and surrounding area as a legitimate nonprofit for over 60 years and are being forced through a lack of funding to trim back our services to our community. Please talk up our organization to your friends and give generously to our AUGUSTA HUMANE SOCIETY.

Have a wonderful summer, keep those pets safe, and enjoy their loving loyalty.

M.Steven Fishman, CEO/CFO

Join us for our annual

The Blessing of the Animals

October 6th, 2019 @ 4:00pm

St. Paul’s Church on Reynolds Street

Three Dog and Cat Sterilization License Plates
Available at Local Tag Offices



This senior girl has spent the majority of her life at the kennel due to never being adopted. Ebony first came to the kennel when she was approximalty 1 year old. She had been hit by a car and our former President, Delores Robinson, rescued her and helped her recover before bringing her to the kennel to find a home. Ebony strug-gled finding a home initially due to needing to be in a single pet home. She has al-ways wanted a laid back environment to just relax and enjoy life in. Ebony was re-cently invited to participate in “cuddle sessions” for a program started at the kennel due to her gentle demeanor. Ebony is now 12 years old. Health wise, Ebony is doing great, but she longs for a forever home.

Do you have room for a senior girl that still has a lot of love to give? If so, please call 706-738-7168

Memorials and Special Gifts

Many people choose to donate a special gift during the Holiday season in honor of or remembrance of a pet, relative, or friend. Others also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special events through similar gifts. Donors will receive a receipt documenting their gift, and acknowledgement cards will be sent to the loved ones in whose name(s) the gift was given. All donations to the Augusta Humane Society, Inc. are tax deductible, as allowed under applicable IRS codes.


Many great animals are at Graced Kennel and need a home!

Call Graced Kennel to set up a time to meet some of them at


Augusta Humane Society at



Summer weather is upon us, so please be sure that your out-door pets have a secure weath-er–resistant shelter and plenty of food and water during the hot months of the year. The weather in the Augusta area can be unpredictable, and our pets need safe areas to escape from the elements.

Also remember our wildlife friends by placing bird and squirrel feeders in areas where these animals reside.


Keep a look out in our next newsletter for the dates of our annual gift wrapping at Barnes & Nobel.

We always need helping hands as that is our biggest fundraiser of the year!